MTM 30 Caliber Ammo Can-Plastic (Forest Green)


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MTM Case-Gard’s family of Ammunition Cans has grown to include a second choice in the 30 cal size. The AC30T, a 30 cal. can intended to replicate the shape of an actual 30 cal. army surplus ammunition can. Both, MTM’s original short 30 cal. can and this new tall design, offer the same capacity as a traditional 30 caliber military surplus ammo can.

  • Features:
    • Water-resistant O-ring seal
    • Double padlock tabbed
    • Molded-in stacking ridges
    • Heavy-duty, latching systems

    Size:Inside: 3.4”(L) x 8.9”(W) x 6.1”(H)

    Outside: 5”(L) x 11.3”(W) x 7.2”(H)

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