Surplus Firearms:

 Surplus firearms are an exciting and economic way to get involved in shooting sports. Each and every piece is literally a piece of history from a bygone era of manufacturing. We at Lever Arms Service understand the challenges of purchasing surplus or used firearms, sight unseen, over this internet, especially as these firearms are far from new. As such, there are certain risks the consumer takes on when purchasing any surplus or used firearm.

 First of all, we cannot offer any surplus firearms in new or unissued condition. They are all arsenal reconditioned and the pieces do not have matching serial numbers unless otherwise noted. That said, Lever Arms Service cannot warranty the shooting safety or condition of surplus arms and ammunition, if in doubt, have surplus arms checked by a qualified gunsmith. Surplus arms may be arsenal reconditioned with replaced parts and repairs. We do not accept returns and will offer no refunds under any conditions regarding surplus. All sales are final.

 Subjective special requests such as “excellent stock condition”, “good bore”, or  “the nicest one” cannot be considered due to the fact that these requests specifically refer to  subjective characteristics that we may not agree on. It is important to understand that all of our pictures are representational and are not photographs of the specific firearms you will receive unless otherwise noted.

 All surplus firearms will need to be thoroughly broken down and cleaned upon receipt and before shooting. These firearms were covered in protective grease prior to being packed into crates 60+ years ago. When the surplus firearms arrived here, they often arrive with certain accessories that we provide with the firearm. Unfortunately there are no extras or spares and we cannot supply additional magazines.


Surplus Ammunition:

 Surplus ammunition subject to storage conditions of militaries in countries of origin. We do our best to provide an accurate representation of goods being offered, however condition of surplus varies widely and it is not possible to account for the condition of every item being offered. No warranties and no returns offered on surplus merchandise. All sales are final.