Hunt Group Turkey, MH12, 12GA Double Barrel Pump Shotgun 20″


Hunt Group Turkey, MH12 Black, 12GA, 3” Magnum

The latest in Pump Action shotguns technology, featuring AR-15 Style ergonomics and a full compliment of accessories.

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Hunt Group, Turkey 2 year warranty

Pump Action Shotgun,

12ga, 3″ (76MM) Chamber

Enhanced Forward Post / Grip

Polymer Carry Case

2 x 5 pc choke kits (10 chokes total)

Flip up sights

Ported Barrel Cover / Extended Barrel nut

Pic. Top rail

Single Trigger (first pull – left chamber discharge, second pull – right chamber discharge

Bottom load – two mag tubes (one per barrel / chamber)

Flash hider

Barrel options:

14” Barrel models = 10 + 2 Capacity (M4 or Fixed stock options)

17″ Barrel models = 12 + 2 Capacity (Pistol Grip model only)

20” Barrel models = 14 + 2 Capacity (M4 or Fixed stock options)

23” Barrel models = 16 + 2 Capacity (Pistol Grip model only)

Stock options:

Pistol Grip

Fixed Stock

M4 Adjustable stock

Weight 11.001066883025 lbs