Chinese Surplus 7.62x54R (880Rd)


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Chinese Surplus 7.62x54R 


  • 7.62×54 Rimmed Russian
  • Limited Testing, initially showing signs of being non-corrosive, however Lever Arms can no longer advertize surplus ammo as non corrosive.
  • Advise Clean as for corrosive primers
  • Copper Jacketed
  • Steel Core
  • Copper Washed Case
  • Chinese Production -1970/early 80’s
  • 2x 440rd “Spam” Cans (total 880rd per crate)
  • Must Ship to Street Address. No P.O. Box.
  • Orders of more than 1 crate must be put on separate orders due to weight limitations. Orders over 1 crate will not be able to be processed. Shipping is calculated by weight, and will cost the same per crate regardless of order.

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